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Terms & Conditions


Canceling a membership or subscription isn’t always easy, but it can definitely be simplified. You can cancel your membership anytime by visiting your membership account homepage, emailing mrbshp@dripautocare.com or by calling (555) 555-5555. DripAutoCare.com policies apply.

Cancelation Policy:

Members may cancel their subscription membership any time by contacting Drip Auto Care at 555-555-5555 or by visiting www.dripautocare.com/cancelsubscription clicking the “cancel my membership” link. If the membership is cancelled within the first 48 hours, the member will receive a full refund. After 48 hours, Drip Auto Care will refund a pro rata portion to the original method of payment of the prepaid subscription corresponding to the unused Subscription Period, less the value of benefits received while a Member, as determined by Drip Auto Care. All cancellations will be processed within 5-7 business days.

Refund policy:

You have the option to cancel your subscription membership within 48 hours after purchasing your subscription to receive a full refund. For scheduled or recurring appointments, a 48 hour notice is required or a $10 reservation fee will apply. For same-day appointments, a 2 hour notice is required or a $15 cancelation fee will apply. In the case a mobile detailer arrives to an appointment and no member is present or available in which the service was not completed, your wash will be forfeited and


While we provide same-day appointments, the appointment may sometimes take longer to fulfill. Same-day scheduling is not guaranteed for every appointment on your subscription. Your membership benefits and pricing cannot be shared with individuals on a different dripautocare.com account. Recurring appointment, scheduled appointments and same-day appointments exclude holidays. Unused services will expire at the end of the following calendar monthly or quarterly subscription service or the last day of the subscription period (midnight PST) following the month in which they are renewed and cannot be redeemed after the expiration date.


Drip Auto Care reserves the right to terminate a Member's participation for any reason and refund the Membership Fee on a pro-rata basis. Abuse of the membership, including failure to follow or any attempts to circumvent these Terms, or other unlawful or improper conduct as determined by Drip Auto Care in its sole discretion, is strictly forbidden, and may result in cancellation of your membership without notice without a refund of the Membership Fee.

Membership Fee/Automatic Renewal:

The fee for membership in the Subscription is $69.99 (the "Membership Fee") for each one-month membership (a "Subscription Period"). Taxes may apply on the Membership Fee. Your membership will automatically renew at the end of your subscription from your sign up date and your membership fee will be charged to the original method of payment used to pay for your first month. Your original method of payment will auto draft 7 days prior to your auto-renew date, unless you notify us by that date that you want to cancel your membership, your subscription will automatically continue (without further notice to you, except as required by law) and you authorize us to collect the Membership Fee (and any taxes). If that card is no longer available (e.g., if it has expired) we will bill any other card that you have saved in your DripAutoCare.com account. You can cancel your membership, or change your billing address and/or preferred payment method, at any time by logging into your account and clicking on "My Membership" in the “Account” area. You can also call 555-555-5555. Drip Auto Care reserves the right to terminate your membership immediately and without notice if you fail to pay the Membership Fee, either upon the enrollment period or during the auto-renewal window.


These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) govern the Drip Auto Care’s subscription membership (the “Subscription”). These Terms are between you and Drip Auto Care and govern our respective rights and obligations. If you sign up for a subscription membership, you accept these terms, conditions, limitations and requirements. Please note that your use of the dripautocare.com website in connection with this subscription are also governed by the DripAutoCare.com Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, to the Drip Auto Care Subscription Terms & Conditions and other terms, conditions, limitations and requirements on the DripAutoCare.com website.