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Adding the benefits of paid parking will create a fair community atmosphere for atmosphere for everyone.

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Guest Parking Self-service with automatic rule enforcemnet.

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Living in Southem California, a more populated town where everything seems to be just a short drive away, its quickly realized just because one couldn't find anywhere to park didn't mean there wasn't any parking. According to recent parking studies “Parking is universally oversupplied” but surveys regularly report the search for a parking space can often take up to 20 minutes.

Our 34 years of combined experience working for towing and security companies has allowed us to create an innovative platform for effective parking solutions. Midnight Solutions is a platform created as an attribute to parking management. Our strategic parking management can provide many benefits to residents and your community while reducing cost associated with security companies without compromising what's best far your community.

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Our twenty four communication center integrates residues and customs services for individual parking management support.

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The moral and ethical principles we demonstrate are rooted in years of professional experiences.


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We put our best foot forward every day as a commitment to building a bridge between parking management and cutomer service.

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Below you will find the next steps necessary for us to begin assisting your community.


Welcome packet

The introduction of Midnight Solutions to know what to expect to align our guidelines with your interests at heart.



This document to be signed, enables Midnight Solutions to become your parking management company exclusively.


property information

This form to be completed contains the physical address that Midnight Solutions will patrol with your contact information to incorporate into your secure account web portal.


Tow Authorization

This is the legal document that enables us to act on your behalf when issuing warnings, enforcing, and patrolling.



We will create your account on our web portal at app.parkingsnap.com you will have access to view any violations and enforcements, in addition to photo documentation. .



Customize the template we've created to announce our integration with your parking community.

The Services

Congratulations on making the decision to provide a secure parking environment for your community, your residents will thank you!

Enjoy a cup of coffee while we introduce ourselves.

Imagine knowing with absolute certainty who is parking within your community.


We've gathered our frequently asked questions on this form for quick reference, although it's not meant to replace our amazing customer service support center. Please call us with all of your questions.

Resident must register their vehicles through register2park.com, this includes guest vehicles. This efficient and effective tool will prevent towing violations.
We offer signs to display in guest parking spaces where guest use a QR code to register their vehicle. This self service feature will also send them reminders of expiring times. Automated hassle free guest parking options for property managers.
We can assist your property manager in creating a parking plan for our 24 hour courtesy patrol. Our periodic courtesy patrol will ensure a safe parking environment for your community.
Midnight Solutions takes the responsibility of parking management with our 24 hour support line for residents, guests, and property managers to engage and handle all their parking questions and or concerns at (310) 614-2259.
By implementing our optional smart sign feature designating one or multiple spaces for pay to park or paid overnight guest parking. This comes with the added benefit of a registered non resident vehicle & it implements time limits which results in fair guest parking for everyone while generating revenue for your community.