Colorcode Personality Test

There are two sections in this test: Strengths & Limitations (numbers 1-30) and Situations (numbers 31-45).
Please read the instructions for both sections and make sure
you understand them before beginning the test.


PART 1 : Strengths & Limitations

This section consists of 30, 4-word clusters. For each cluster choose the one trait that best describes how you behaved AS A CHILD. Try not to focus on how you wish you were, or how you would like to be. Remember, your first impression is usually the best.

  1. proactivenurturingobjectiveinsightful
  2. indecisivearroganta perfectionistpoor follow-through
  3. enthusiastickindcaringproductive
  4. relentlesssuspiciousindifferentnaive
  5. peacefulcarefreedecisiveloyal
  6. silently stubbornworry pronean interrupterobsessive
  7. sociableassertiveintimatenon-discriminate
  8. self-criticalbossyunfocusedavoids conflict
  9. voice of reasonflexibleaction-orientedanalytical
  10. critical of othersdisinterestedoverly sensitiveirresponsible
  11. determinedthoughtfula good listenerpositive
  12. unmotivatedvaindemandingunforgiving
  13. happycompassionateinventiveresponsible
  14. impulsiveimpatientmoodyresponsible
  15. a leaderpatientfun-lovingrespectful
  16. jealousreluctantargumentativeobnoxious
  17. even-temperedinclusivedependablefocused
  18. overly aggressivelow self-esteemambivalentinconsistent
  19. deliberatepowerfulbalancedpersuasive
  20. undisciplinedtimidinsensitivejudgmental
  21. creative thinkerclear perspectivedetail consciousvisionary
  22. always rightuncommitteduninvolvedguilt prone
  23. acceptingspontaneouspragmaticwell-mannered
  24. disorganizedselfishemotionally intensedetached
  25. motivatedsincerediplomaticengaging of others
  26. forgetfulboringhard to pleasetactless
  27. articulatequality-orientedcenteredforgiving
  28. self-centeredcalculatingself-righteousunexpressive
  29. self-regulatedcharismaticconfidentintuitive
  30. unrealistic expectationsunproductiveafraid to face factsintimidating

  31. PART 2 : Situations

    This section consists of 15 situations with four possible reactions to each. Again, consider the reactions in each question and mark the one response most like you AS A CHILD.

  32. Concerned, empathetic, and loyal - regardless of the problemSupportive, patient, and a good listenerNonjudgmental, optimistic, and downplaying of the seriousness of the situationProtective, resourceful, and recommending of solutions

  33. Directionless, unenthusiastic, and/or boringOverly sensitive, moody, and/or jealousDisruptive, uncommitted, and/or disorganizedArgumentative, bossy, and/or tactless

  34. Was filled with accomplishment, leadership opportunities, and recognitionWas free of pressure, conflict, and unnecessary stressWas filled with meaningful friends and purposeAllowed me to be playful, optimistic, and carefree

  35. Distance myself and downplay the situation to others while silently feeling the painFight back with facts and angerBecome quiet, withdrawn, and often hold anger in until I blew up over some minor issue laterFeel strong negative emotion, hurt (perhaps cry); and plan to get even

  36. A healthy activity, which was to be done right if it was to be done at all. Family life requires cooperation and team playSomething I was known for being efficient at, especially when tied to earning my allowanceA necessary requirement (if you say so), so that I could go out and playSomething I was willing to do but required reminding and structure for me to finish

  37. Disrespectful of authority and verbally manipulativeVerbally attacking and unyieldingEmotionally distraught and hung up over fairnessSilently stubborn, uncomfortable, and/or confused about how to respond

  38. Praised, having fun, and feeling freeAllowed space, treated with kindness, and being left aloneRight, approved of, and respectedUnderstood, appreciated, and cared for

  39. Impulsive, unfocused, and interruptiveIndecisive, timid, and reluctant to offer inputSelfish, impatient, and demanding of my waySuspicious, worry-prone, and unrealistic with my expectations of others behavior

  40. Followed by others because I was assertive and on taskAdmired by others because I was caring and quality-basedProtected by others because I was gentle and kindEnvied by others because I was happy and carefree

  41. Silently self-critical, yet verbally stubborn and defensiveUnsettled and fearful, but I kept it to myselfEmbarrassed and nervous - seeking to escape the situationGuilty, self-critical, and vulnerable to depression. I would dwell on it

  42. Adventure, leadership, and lots of actionExcitement, playful productivity, and the company of othersSecurity, creativity, and purposeAcceptance, safety, and moving at my own pace

  43. I would act as if nothing happened, disengage from the relationship, and seek other friendsI would feel deeply hurt and find it almost impossible to forgive completelyI would feel hurt, hold my feelings inside, and avoid interacting with that individualI would express my anger and demand an apology

  44. Quiet, easy-going, and/or lazyWell-behaved, caring, and/or depressedHappy, playful, and/or obnoxiousConfident, determined, and/or outwardly demanding

  45. Opinionated, determined, and/or bossyCompassionate, honest, and/or unforgivingKind, pleasant, and/or unmotivatedCharismatic, positive, and/or undisciplined

  46. Contented, a voice of reason, and/or often overwhelmedPlayful, enthusiastic, and/or irresponsibleProactive, action-oriented, and/or quick-temperedConcerned about others, sensitive, and/or hard to please

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